Renee Zellweger Steps Out In Public For The First Time Since The Elle Awards


When some ten days ago, Renee Zellweger appeared at the Elle Women In Hollywood Awards red carpet, the world was outraged about her drastically changed appearance.

She has now been seen in public for the first time since that event, in a casual outfit and with no make-up.

The actress was minding her own business in Mississippi with her beau, Doyle Bramhall II. With the public eye turned so keenly to her, there was no way she could manage to avoid the cameras, however.

She was wearing a gray top and black pants with sneakers, had no make-up on, and seemed very content, even when she had to explain to paparazzi that there was no way she was going to answer any questions regarding her alleged surgical makeover.

She swiftly dispatched the nosy paparazzi saying she had better things to do than to answer that question, and that she would like to have her day to herself.

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