One More Month Of Psychiatric Care For Amanda Bynes


The Easy A actress was admitted to a psychiatric hospital several weeks ago, following what can best be described as bizarre behavior on several occasions.

Amanda Bynes was arrested for driving under the influence, although she was actually under the influence of medication that was prescribed to her, which she was hoping would help her case.

She also had a series of strange, erratic tweets, one of which accused her father of sexually assaulting her. She later retracted the tweets, saying that there was a “microchip” in her brain making her do and say things like that.

After an extensive psychiatric evaluation at an LA hospital, Bynes’ doctors recommended her involuntary psychiatric hold be extended for another month, saying the actress is not at all well. This is not the first time Bynes is being held at a psychiatric facility. Last year, she had to be admitted after she tried to set a stranger’s property on fire.

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