Rick Ross The Rapist?


Rick Ross is one of the people being sued for rape by a woman whose name has not yet been revealed. This all, allegedly, happened over the weekend and took place in Ross’ van and the hotel room of one of his acquaintances/agents called Thaddeus “Black” James.

More precisely, the woman in question met Rick, Thaddeus and other members of Ross’ entourage at the W hotel. They then went to Ross’ van where she drank a glass of something alcoholic and then lost consciousness. When she came to, she was alone in the van with Thaddeus. They then went up to his hotel room, where she passed out again.

When she finally regained consciousness, she was naked and noticed signs of sexual assault. She claims that it was Thaddeus who raped her, but she included the famous rapper in the lawsuit as well since it all stared in his van and since he “should have been supervising” his acquaintance/agent.

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