Rihanna Becomes Puma’s New Creative Director


Every pop star eventually likes to take a step away from music and try something new. And in most cases, they tend to try and tackle fashion first, since it’s usually the thing they know most about outside of music.

Rihanna is known to be quite a fashion forward celebrity. So then it’s no surprise that she has been tapped by Puma to work with them. Rihanna is now the new creative director in charge of designing the newest line of fitness and training clothes for the company.

She will also be the face of Puma, since it would be a shame to have Rihanna working with you and not use that marketing opportunity to the fullest.

So you can expect to see Rihanna in some new Puma commercials and ads in the very near future. She just took a trip to Germany last week to have her first creative meeting with the team. And of course, she’s already taking pictures for Instagram wearing her new Puma sneaks.

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