Hollywood Actors Blame Media For Propagating Illegally Obtained Info After Sony Hack

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In the aftermath of the Sony hack scandal, which involved personal e-mail conversations of major Sony Pictures executives, many of which are basically trash-talk about other execs, directors and actors, some Hollywood stars are criticizing the media for publishing the conversations and thus indirectly backing the hackers.

Brad Pitt said at the premiere of his wife Angelia Jolie’s new Movie, Unbroken, that the real problem lies in everyone participating in the scandal, by reading and talking about it, which is something that people do, but that nevertheless shouldn’t be done.

Seth Rogen was a bit more direct, saying that the media that publish these conversations directly profits from someone’s personal conversations obtained in an illegal manner.

Meanwhile, Guardians of Peace who were behind the hack, are threatening to release another batch of files as a Christmas gift, which, of course, set everyone at Sony Pictures into a frenzied panic, and execs are even preemptively apologizing to everyone for what might emerge.

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