Rihanna Brings Down The House At The Billboard Music Awards


Celebrity singer Rihanna razzle-dazzled everyone listening to last night’s performance of her song “Love on the Brain.” In front of an audience full of Hollywood stars and world renowned artists, Rihanna took her singing to a completely new level, even according to her own standards.

Why is this big news? Mostly because Rihanna got some serious scolding after getting out of performing at the Grammys earlier this year. Many critics had a lot of unpleasant things to say on account of her being out of shape and using excuses like bronchitis to hide it, but Rihanna sure proved them wrong last night. Not only did she look stunning in her fur lined attire, but she genuinely put all she had into getting the high notes out, and emotions weren’t lacking either.

There was a lot of talk that the singer was feeling increasingly insecure about coming back to stage, which is why she backed out of the Grammys in the first place. Needless to say, after last night’s performance, which caused a standing ovation, there is nothing Rihanna should feel insecure about.

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