Rihanna’s Changing America With Her New Video


We are just insane prudes here in the U.S. In Italy, for instance, it’s not impossible to see a topless woman in a family TV show that airs at 5 p.m. on national television. No really.

There are parts of the world out there where the human body is not seen as a work of Satan. In  the U.S., you can have people slaughter other people on primetime TV, but God forbid you see a nipple (celebrity or not) or something like that. It is just ridiculous.

That is why videos like Rihanna‘s Kiss it Better are so important. It is a good thing that one of the most popular artists of our times is showing us there is nothing wrong with the human body. The mere sight of nipples is not going to open up a vortex through which Beelzebub is going to reach out and dismember us all.

It is also a good thing that she apparently has some kind of a deal with YouTube where this otherwise Quakerlike service allows her explicit vid to be shown like it is nothing.No really, what’s the deal with Rihanna, her boobs and YouTube?

We’re not complaining, we just find it strange.In short, CelebZen is totally behind Rihanna with this one.

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