Rihanna Isn’t In A Hurry To Make Things Official With Drake


Fans around the world rejoiced when Rihanna and Drake rekindled their romance, though they have been in and out of love several times in the past years. This time they’re doing their best to make it work, but Rihanna isn’t very keen on making things official just yet.

Rihanna has definitely decided to take things slow with Drake, who would call her his girlfriend in a heartbeat. The celebrity singer has all the reasons in the world to tread carefully, seeing that her history with Drake had its ups and downs, though now they seem genuinely happy. RiRi doesn’t feel the need to put labels on her love life, and Drake doesn’t mind giving her all the space she needs.

It’s easy to see how much the music stars are crazy about each other, because they’re both on tour with very busy schedules and still manage to meet regularly, even though it involves a lot of flying back and forth. They don’t mind, it seems, so who needs labels anyway?

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