Scarlett Johansson Is The Highest-Grossing Actress Ever


Scarlett Johansson has just given all Hollywood actresses a run for their money, literally. Namely, the Hollywood star has been named the highest-grossing actress of all time, US Weekly reports.

Even though Johansson is just 31-years-old, she sure knows how to pick a blockbuster movie. Up until now, the actress that earned the most in Hollywood was Cameron Diaz, who is now nineteenth on the Box Office Mojo list. Needless to say that the first nine names on that list belong to actors who are significantly older and much longer in the movie industry, but Johansson proved that knowing how to make a good choice makes all the difference.

The Avengers’ star, who is an advocate for gender equality, has pointed out on a number of occasions that women are not paid as much as men. However, Scarlett is modest about her earnings and doesn’t like talking about her wealth. She is aware that she earns a lot and that countless women around the world aren’t as lucky.

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