Tyga Rents Home Close To Kanye And Kim


Rapper Tyga and celebrity model Kylie Jenner have patched things up after months of turmoil. According to sources close to the couple, they are now stronger than ever and looking forward to this new phase of their relationship.

It looks like Jenner’s family is warming up to Tyga too, or at least he is trying to get on their good side. As we all remember, Tyga and Kylie have been dating since he was 25 and she was only 17, which is why most of the family didn’t really like him.

But now that Jenner is 18 and Tyga has proven that he cares about her, he is trying to become part of the family. In fact, he has decided to move into a home that is only one street away from Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian and her husband, mogul rapper Kanye West.

Kylie herself recently bought a mansion close to where her other sisters, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, live.

Tyga is renting the new home and is paying a whopping $46,000 a month to live in this exclusive, Kardashianfilled neighborhood. Maybe one day he and Kylie will take that next big step and buy some property in this area together. Who knows?

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