Sean Penn Urges Media Outlets to Focus On Haiti


Actor and activist Sean Penn thinks the world’s media are intentionally ignoring “good news” about Haiti.

The Hollywood star was one of the first celebs to offer his efforts to Haitians after 2010’s 7.0-magnitude earthquake. It ravaged the nation and left many homeless. He co-founded J/O Haitian Relief Organization, taking chairman and CEO positions.

Four years after the event, the actor claims the media bosses who were at first interested in Haiti’s recovery, have turned their backs on the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation, as they are refusing to report the good news and present the nation’s comeback.

During his speech at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles on Monday, April 28 Penn said, “This is a miracle unreported.”

The actor/director is encouraging news producers to refocus their efforts on Haiti in a bid to improve tourism and build on what the locals have been able to achieve from the rubble.

He said, “No one is asking for a handout. It’s not a beggar culture. Everyone is asking for a job.”

J/O Haitian Relief Organization focuses on supporting the residents of J/P HRO-managed camps and the surrounding areas transition from life left homeless by the earthquake to sustainable and thriving communities.

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