Selena Fired Her Parents


Pop singer Selena Gomez has parted ways with her parents, mother and stepfather, as her managers.

She decided, reportedly, to split professionally from Mandy and Brian Teefey in March. It looks like their opinions on her future development as a singer, and the direction of her career, has gone different directions.

According to, the family still remains close and Selena is yet to find another representative.

The Teefey family have overseen the 21-year old singer’s career since the earliest time she became a child star for Disney.

The singer now believes she has overgrown her manager parents and is now looking for a more experienced manager to run her career. A source told E! News one of her potential managers is Katy Perry’s Bradford Cobb.

Though Selena may have had plenty of arguments with her parents over her career and her on/off relationship with Justin Bieber, sources tell family feud was not the cause of the split.



Selena is still close with her parents, though they don’t seem to agree with her decision.

We can’t help but wonder if Selena’s rekindling with on-again off-again beau Justin Bieber has anything to do with her ultimate decision. After all, the two situations both fall at the exact same time and the news comes right after Gomez was photographed visiting Bieber’s mansion.

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