Selena Gomez Wants Justin Bieber To Forgive Mom


Justin Bieber seems to be going through a rough patch. Even though his new album just came out and he’s selling tons of records, something’s not right. He recently announced that he was dropping out of the Thanksgiving Day Parade last minute, citing “personal issues.”

His ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez thinks she knows what could help. They have been taking lately, and according to reports, Gomez believes that Bieber needs his mother. From what we know through various interviews, the relationship between Bieber and his mom is almost non-existent. But Gomez is going to try to fix that.

He and his mom Pattie Mallette have been estranged for some time, but Gomez is going to do everything she can to make sure they reconcile, because she believes that being around his mom has always had a soothing effect on Justin.

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