Seth Rogen Can’t Believe Shia LaBeouf Blocked Him On Twitter


Why does Shia LaBeouf have a problem with Seth Rogen? We have no idea, and really, neither does Rogen. He seemed to be pretty shocked when he noticed that he had been blocked on Twitter by LaBeouf. Of course, he shouldn’t think too much about it, and he probably isn’t. As most of the free world knows right now, LaBeouf is living on the edge of sanity.

After those weird freestyles he’s released and the even stranger motivational videos, it’s hard to believe that there’s anyone in Holywood right now who doesn’t believe that the guy is absolutely insane.

LaBeouf did give statements earlier about how he would like to work exclusively with friends in the future, instead of chasing big name producers and directors, so maybe he is just blocking everyone he doesn’t consider to be a great friend.

Whatever it is, Rogen seemed to be taken aback by the realization that he has been blocked.

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