Who Knew Justin Bieber Could Skateboard?


Remember last week when pop sensation Justin Bieber was seen around Midtown by some fans riding a skateboard before guesting on Jimmy Fallon’s show? A lot of people were reporting that he actually looked pretty bad while trying to navigate the streets of Manhattan.

But just to prove you wrong and to show that he can do anything, Bieber has released a video that proves that he is actually pretty darn good at skateboarding. He shreds it up in his new video for the song “What Do You Mean?” and it is actually him doing all of the riding in the video – it’s not a stunt double.

The behind the scenes footage from the video shoot has a lot of scenes of Bieber riding around and pulling off some nifty tricks.

So there you go. He can skateboard. We would like to ask you to never doubt Bieber again, because he can do it all!

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