Snoop Dogg On Monday Night Raw?


Jon Stewart was a very unlikely guest star on Raw earlier this March and we just received news that another celebrity is about to make his appearance on March 23rd – Snoop Dogg.

This, however, is not Snoop’s first appearance in the ring as he appeared twice before in 2008 and 2009. His previous experience will definitely come in handy when you consider the fact that the rapper will be at a very obvious disadvantage due to his frame which is not really WWE-grade.

His guest appearance most likely has to do with the fact that his new solo album Bush is about to come out in May. He has been working the promotional circuit hard, also appearing as one of the roasters at the Justin Bieber roast during which we finally heard a lot of things we all think about Biebs said in public.

If Snoop reprises at least some of his meanness and aggressiveness on March 23rd, he will do just fine.

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