Steve Rannazzisi’s Commercial Gets Pulled


Nobody likes a liar – especially a liar that digs into serious and, for many people, painful topics. In  December 2009, during an episode of “WTF”, Steve first told the story about how he was in the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks. Nobody knows why he would do something as foolish as that, and he has recently claimed that it was because he wanted to gain more popularity early on in his career. He has, however, asked for forgiveness, making a public apology to anyone he might have offended.

The result? Well, along with staining his reputation irreparably and building a lying man’s image that surely won’t go away for some time, his commercial was yanked by Buffalo Wild Wings. The commercial which co-stars NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith has been fairly popular recently, and Rannazzisi has done a number of different commercials for the restaurant.

He was invited by Comedy Central to hold a special which was scheduled to air this weekend, but they are now saying that they are still evaluating the situation. We’re betting they won’t go through with it.

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