Stevie Wonder’s Attorney Scammed Him


Stevie Wonder’s late attorney and right hand apparently tricked him into signing a contract that no living man would ever sign. Apparently, the corrupt lawyer, Johanan Vigoda, abused the fact that Wonder is blind and put in front of him a contract that obliges the popular singer to pay the lawyer’s family indefinitely.

When Stevie was just 21 years old, the deal was that he would pay Johanan 6% of all his music royalties – what Stevie didn’t know (and had absolutely no way of knowing) is that there was a clause that states that payments to the lawyer’s family will never stop.

Johanan died in 2011, and Stevie’s record company carried on with the regular payments to Johanan’s widow. Naturally, once Stevie realized what was going on, he ordered an immediate termination of all further funding, and is ready to take it to the courtroom. Johanan’s widow, of course, isn’t satisfied with Stevie’s decision, and apparently she has filed her own lawsuit.

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