Steven Tyler Tries To Leave Note In Miley’s Hotel Room?


Steven Tyler attempted to leave a friendly note for Miley Cyrus in her Helsinki, Finland hotel room on Saturday, May 31. Apparently, they were both staying at the same hotel, which he used to approach the singer.

The Aerosmith frontman posted a video titled Room Service in Helsinki on his page. In the video he is seen approaching a door while whispering, “I think Miley Cyrus is here. But shh! She’s very, very sleepy.”

Then he held up the note penned on hotel stationery, which read, “Tried to sneak into your room – got arrested… sorry I missed ya.”

His attempts to slide it under the door, but doesn’t make it. Then he says, “I can’t seem to get it in her door. Maybe I ought to bang on it.”

He then decides to fold the paper note and stick it in the keycard slot. He says, “That’s better,” before turning around and walking away.

Miley retweeted this strange video on her page, but there’s been no sign of them actually meeting up.

The band Aerosmith played at Helsinki’s Hartwall Arena on Saturday night, May 31, while Miley’s European leg of Bangerz world tour took her to the same place on Sunday, June 1.

Tyler also Tyler took over a street musician’s self-made instrument consisting of water-filled wine bottles so he could play in the streets of Helsinki, performing Aerosmith’s 1973 hit Dream On.

He played a glass-bottle xylophone, a concoction made of bamboo, rope and some 20 wine bottles, which belongs to Russian street musician Fedor Grigorev, who is regular in the center of Helsinki.

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