Timberlake’s Israel Photo Offended Palestinians


Justin Timberlake provoked some of his Palestinian followers on his Instragram.com page, when he posed in front of Israel’s Western Hall.

The singer took a photo of himself praying at the sacred site, prior to his concert in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, May 27.

After taking the infamous photo, he posted it on his Instragram.com and wrote, “The Holy Land… What an experience. I will never forget this day. Israel.”

However, his action has upset and even offended some Palestinians on the social networking website, provoking them to blast the 33-year old in their comments.

One of his followers wrote, “There was never an Israel, this was always Palestine.”

Another added, “Theres noland (sic) called israel be sure of that, its palestine and forever.”

While the commenting his action was mostly from offended followers, there were many who wrote supportive messages. One fan wrote, “Welcome to the promised land.”

Others offended continued, “Israel is defiantly not holy land. they kill palestians every single day for nothing!

Correction : you are in Palestine not israel #disapointed,” wrote another follower.

Defenders then said, “All that the people in israel want its live in peace .not war,” wrote a fan. ” I can tell u that israel people dont bomb buses . And not kill little children.”

Israel and Palestine have been embroiled in a border battle for decades.

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