Longoria’s Restaurant In Las Vegas Closed


Actress Eva Longoria’s restaurant in Las Vegas, She, has shut its doors two years after its fancy opening.

The star has teamed up with bosses at U.S. restaurant chain Morton’s steakhouse, and together they have launched the place inside the Aria Resort and Casino back in 2012.

Its tagline was: ‘Dining. Fashion. Nightlife.’

The Las Vegas Sun previously said it evoked a “feeling of opulence with rich textures of alligator, cork, mirrors and crystals, embossed metallic wall coverings and rich dark fabrics.“

Decorative, internally lit screens are spread throughout the restaurant giving the space a touch of modern art deco design.”

Executives are still expected to comment on the closure. This eatery was also shut down in April, for just a while, after receiving 21 demerits for health code violation from Southern Nevada Health District officials.

On April 22, health inspectors found 32 food safety violations, mostly related to keeping food at proper temperatures and keeping accurate thermometers.

Eva’s women-focused restaurant offered small portions for weight-conscious women. However, Eva won’t be left without a restaurant to run, as she still has her Los Angeles’ top restaurant, Beso. It has been a Hollywood hotspot since its opening in 2008.

It gained a three-and-a-half star rating on the review website Yelp, with one happy customer deeming it “a great steakhouse with fun trendy twist.”

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