Swank and Torres Confirm That 2016 Is The Hollywood Breakup Year


If there is anything to be learned from Hollywood and its dazzling stars, it is to not take your relationship to the next level unless you are absolutely sure it is what you want.

With that said, we can tell you about a relationship that lasted almost a year, during which it escalated to both an engagement and the parting of the ways. We are talking about the engagement of Hillary Swank and Ruben Torres has been officially broken off, reports E!. After her first marriage with Chad Lowe that lasted for ten years, two-time Oscar-winning actress decided not to tie the knot again with Ruben Torres, for no obvious reasons (yet).

The couple started dating (officially) in July last year, and some months later, Torres popped the question to Swank while they were hiking in Palm Springs. The actress seemed more than eager to say yes at the time, but tables have turned now, it would seem, as Torres’ photos was mercilessly erased from the actress’ Twitter and Instagram account, as well as from Swank’s life as a whole.

Swank doesn’t look shaken by the latest situational development, though she might be acting. She is pretty good at it after all.



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