Dakota Johnson And Matthew Hitt Are No Longer In Love


To no one’s surprise, the Hollywood breakup tide seems to be taking more and more couples and it didn’t miss Dakota Johnson and her long-term boyfriend Matthew Hitt, according to a recent report by US Weekly.

The star of the provocative “Fifty Shades Of Gray” franchise has been in a whirlwind of different obligations and tours in the last months, and the same goes for Hitt, the lead singer of The Drowners. They just didn’t manage to sync up their business life with their relationship, which is why the couple was actually on and off again pretty much the whole time they were together.

Two years of going back and forth is not a little time, so who’s to say that they won’t get back together? Well, according to the source close to both celebrities, Hitt just couldn’t handle Johnson’s hectic life schedule anymore, which was one of the reasons they stopped seeing each other. Let’s face it, though, if you are dating the star of “Fifty Shades Of Gray”, you should be prepared for some craziness in your life.

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