Axl Rose Wants Every “Fat Axl” Pic Off The Internet


We’ve all seen the “Fat Axl” picture. It’s all around us. The legendary picture was taken at a pre-reunion Guns N’ Roses show back in 2010, which was held in Winnipeg. The show actually got a good review too.

But it only takes one person to notice something and make it viral. As far as the Internet knows, the first people to notice Axl Rose’s slight weight problem were the guys at heavy metal news site The Gauntlet, who proceeded to spread the photo around the Internet.

And then the memes began. “Take Me Down to the Lemon Pie City,” “Welcome to McDonalds,” “Sweet Potato Pie of Mine” – they were all over the place.

But Rose has apparently seen enough. He has now slimmed down and taken a role fronting AC/DC on tour, so he doesn’t want to see the Fat Axl jokes ever again. His legal team is sending copyright infringement letters to Google, asking for every one of these pictures of Chubby Rose to be taken down.

Good luck with that, Axl.

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