Jimmy Fallon Makes Madonna’s Biggest Wish Come True


It would seem that if you want your wishes to come true, all you need to do is tell Jimmy Fallon about them.  One of the most beloved hosts on television arranged for Madonna, the mother of pop music, and the father of the nation, Barack Obama, to meet.

Two of the biggest celebrities on the planet met backstage at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, and it set social media on fire. Madonna actually said in an interview that one of her greatest wishes was to meet Obama, but she strongly suspected that it was never going to happen seeing as she is not exactly what one would call an average White House guest.

The soon-to-be ex-president of the US and one of the most controversial celebrities alive surprisingly met and they have pictures to show for it. Madonna posted pictures on her Instagram with a caption “A meeting of two Leos!”, referring to their horoscope signs, of course.

Yeah, just two Leos, not a couple of best known faces in the world, way to keep it modest, Madonna.

A meeting of the Leo’s! ?. A Cosmic Convergence!! . 2 ❤️#rebelhearts @jimmyfallon

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