Taylor Swift’s Mom Really Kicks Ass!


Young Taylor Rayburn, age 6, was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer in late April this year. Last Saturday, her mother Allison Rayburn surprised her with tickets to Taylor Swift’s concert in Atlanta.

Luckily for little Taylor, her seat turned out to be very close to that of Swift’s mother, Andrea Swift, who was also in the audience. Andrea noticed the little girl and generously offered her to sit next to her during one of the songs.

The moment was quickly captured on camera by Allison, who then posted the picture she took of Swift’s mother and her little girl to Instagram, saying:

“Taylor Swifts mom and Taylor jamming out in the audience!!:) Precious!!!”

After the concert, Andrea generously invited little Taylor backstage with her, where the 6-year old got a chance to meet Taylor in person. Andrea Swift, 57, is also currently fighting cancer, although she has chosen neither to reveal the severity of the condition nor the type of cancer to the public.


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