The 101 On The Rob Kardashian – Blac Chyna Instagram Drama

Rob Kardashian arriving at the "Saints Row: The Third" Video Game Launch at the Supper Club on October 12, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA

Everything is buzzing today with the talk about Rob Kardashian and his Instagram account, because the member of the famous family deleted all the photos of his fiancée, Blac Chyna. Many argue that this signifies the end of their relationship, but sources close to the couple disagree.

There’s nothing to fear yet, Rob Kardashian and the video vixen Blac Chyna are still engaged, and the main reason for Rob deleting those pictures was a big fight the pair had earlier. Apparently, Blac Chyna got extremely angry with Rob because of the rumors that he had been unfaithful. The model didn’t take these rumors too well, seeing that she already had some unpleasant experiences with cheating.

Reality TV star Rob was very upset with the way his fiancée talked to him, or to be more precise, screamed at him, so he deleted all the photos of her from his Instagram account to spite her.

Mischief managed, Rob, because now everything seems to be back to normal with the happy-again couple and they have found a peaceful way to deal with their problems, at least for now.

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