The Mysterious Case Of Christina Bobbi Brown


Nick Gordon, who was almost adopted by the late Whitney Houston, was a brother to Bobbi Kristina Brown. He also became her self-proclaimed husband. 

Now, rumors have surfaced that he might be her killer. Bobbi Kristina was killed in a similar way as her mother was. She was found in a bathtub by Gordon and his friend on January 31.


Police are now investigating injuries on Bobbi Kristina, who is brain-dead, but still on life support.

Houston welcomed Gordon when he was only 12 and at that time Bobbi was eight years old. She took pity on him and decided to raise the boy.

Gordon referred to Bobbi as “Li’l Sis” and she called him “Big Bruh.” When Bobbi began dating, Nick became angry and jealous, according to a source.

Nick was always telling boys that if they mess with his li’l sis, they had to answer to him.

Bobbi and Gordon started their relationship in 2012, after Whitney Houston’s death. At that period numerous family members said that Gordon started to smoke a lot of marijuana and couldn’t stop counting Whitney’s money….

It was Gordon who turned Bobbi against the family, according to an insider.

Krissy [Bobbi] and [Marion “Pat” Houston, who is married to Whitney’s brother, Gary ] were close at one point, and Pat always looked out for Krissy.

The story gets another twist in April 2014, when Pat took out a restraining order against Gordon, after he reportedly threatened her. Gordon, didn’t just threaten Pat, but he also threatened her husband, wanting more money from the Houston’s estate, according to a police report.


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