These Celebrities Used To Be Super Popular

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The world of celebrity can be a very fickle one. Some celebrities manage to keep their status for years on end, decades even, while others are soon forced to go back to being just regular people with jobs that are a tad bit boring and soul-crushing, just like those of “regular” folk.

Some of those celebrities try to do everything they can to regain their celebrity status while others are perfectly happy to be out of the spotlight. Some we remember fondly, while others we try and forget as quickly as we can. In any case, most of them are a sorry bunch and we will be looking at the sorriest among them.

1. Vanilla Ice

It almost seems unreal when you go back to the days when Vanilla Ice was actually somebody. Not only was he a somebody; he was one of the biggest stars in the world. His incredibly lame rap and his a-bit-less-lame dance moves were all over the place in the early 1990s and it seemed like Vanilla will be polluting our everyday lives for years to come, if not decades.

Luckily, he soon fell off the face of the Earth and we like to think that the world is a better place for that. And it is not like Vanilla hasn’t tried to come back. Innumerable times. The good news is that he never quite managed to make that big comeback.

Well, with projects like Vanilla Ice Goes Amish, perhaps it is no wonder he didn’t make it back.

But man, was he huge. He was bigger than pretty much anyone back then.

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