Vitalii Sediuk Strikes Again!

Vitalii Sediuk Court Appearance

The celebrity stalker, Vitalii Sediuk, who has made a name for himself by attacking celebrities on the red carpet, has done it again.

He caused a stir when he tried to hug Kim Kardashian in front of the fancy Hotel Salomon de Rothschild. He is also facing legal action after trying to get to Brad Pitt at a movie premiere.

This time Ciara fell victim to his latest prank. Sediuk ran up to the singer at the Valentino Paris Fashion Week show and dropped his trench coat to reveal an almost naked butt.

Late last week, he attacked Kim Kardashian as she was trying to make her way into Balmain’s Paris Fashion Week show.

She was swarmed with a crowd of fans and photographers when she stepped out of her car, and he unexpectedly went for her legs.

In a video captured by paparazzi, Kris Jenner is shown exiting the vehicle and screaming, “Stop it,” as soon as she realized what was happening.

Shortly after, Sediuk released the statement to E! News.

“The prank with Kim was my protest that US banned me from entering the country. I hope Kim is ok and won’t be mad at me as I didn’t mean any harm. Kanye is one lucky man as Kim is a Goddess!”

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