Amanda Bynes Is Becoming Queen Of DUIs

2011 MTV Movie Awards - Red Carpet

It looks like actress Amanda Bynes is trying to break some type of record for how many DUIs she can amass in two years.

She already had one in 2012, and then her car was impounded after she was caught driving without a license.

But it seems that nothing has changed since she got her license back in April of this year. Police have arrested the actress once again, and according to reports, she was both drinking and under the influence of Adderall. According to police reports, Amanda was driving in the San Fernando Valley and stopped her car in the middle of an intersection.

A highway patrol officer noticed the commotion that this causes and was able to get her car out of the intersection and hauled Bynes away to the police station.

Police reports say that she was definitely under the influence of some type of controlled substances, and there are now Hollywood sources reporting that it was indeed Adderall that was found in her system.

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