Walt-Mart Says Tracy Morgan Should Have Worn His Seatbelt

"The Darker Side Of Green" Debate

Actor and comedian Tracy Morgan was traveling in a limo with some friends after a show in Delaware when a Wal-Mart truck hit them from the back, resulting in serious injuries and the death of one of Morgan’s close friends.

Wal-Mart is now responding to a suit against them stating that the fact that Morgan and his friends were not wearing seatbelts makes them at least partly responsible for the injuries and damages.

The attorney who represents Morgan called the Wal-Mart claims surprising and appalling. Wal-Mart claims that the fact that no one was wearing a seatbelt was in whole or in part the reason behind the suffered injuries.

Wal-Mart initially stated that they would take full responsibility for the accident, which is why this news is surprising. Attorney Benedict Morelli said that this news of Wal-Mart’s claims is very upsetting to him, and that he plans to fight the company in court.

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