What Would You Like To See At The VMAs?


It has been 30 long years since Madonna rolled around the floor in a wedding dress while performing ‘Like a Virgin’. Then there were Kanye West and Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson and others who performed stunts to amaze the world at this award show.

What will happen this year after Miley Cyrus’s infamous 2013 twerking on stage? Well, Lorde could appear dressed in shiny a outfit, continuing the anti-status and anti-materialism stance that made ‘Royals”’ a worldwide hit.

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Lil’ Kim could take the stage by storm while Nicki Minaj performs to pull a Kanye West. Then, Sia could come on stage naked, instead of wearing a bag on her head. Finally, Beyoncé and Jay Z could announce their divorce, given that we prefer divorces and marriages to awards and great performances.

At the end of the day, we expect everybody to give his or her best and outshine last year’s Miley’s ‘too much tongue and butt’ act.

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