Why Did Beyonce Sing Sinatra’s Bang Bang To Jay-Z? (VIDEO)


The glamorous 32-year-old singer Beyonce covered Sinatra’s popular song Bang Bang(My Baby Shot Me Down)for husband Jay-Z in a trailer for the couple’s upcoming HBO documentary On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z. The concert special is to air on HBO on Sept. 20 at 9 p.m.

In the 50-second trailer, Beyoncé stands on a stage and sings the famous lines while Jay-Z smokes a cigar:

I was five and he was six

We rode on horses made of sticks

He wore black and I wore white

He would always win the fight…

Afterwards, she uses her hand as a gun and fires straight at her darling.

Bang, bang.

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The song was originally written by Sonny Bono for Cher, who released the song on her second studio album The Sonny Side of Chér in 1966.

The same year Nancy Sinatra released a cover of the song which became an international hit in 2003 when it was featured in Kill Bill Volume 1.

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