When Will Miley Get Better? Star Fallen Sick Again On Tour


Controversial singer Miley Cyrus has fallen sick again. This came just days after a bout of influenza urged her to call off her concert in North Carolina.

She cancelled her show in Charlotte last week, April 7, after she was too sick to perform. However, after thinking she was feeling better, she has fallen sick again on Monday, April 14, when she told her fans she was feeling ill again.

The star tweeted, “Why is this cough coming back… sore throat… feeling no bueno (good)… I woke up like disssss (this)… sick.”

She returned to Twitter.com later on Monday to express how she feels about feeling sick again, “Fever fever go away.

The last tweet came only 24 hours before her Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missourion concert should have kicked off on Tuesday, April 15.

Her tour pal Sky Ferreira is reportedly, also sick. The singer has called off a gig in Iowa City, Iowa on Sunday, April 13, due to flu bout.

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