Why The Heck Is Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson?


Remember Joseph Fiennes from “Shakespeare in Love?” That guy. Well, in a bizarre turn of events that has left social media in a state of utter confusion, he has been cast to play Michael Jackson in an upcoming movie project.

No one knows exactly what the movie is about, but apparently it may tell the story of a celebrity road trip that takes places in the wake of 9/11, and apparently Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and Marlo Brando are the main characters.

It’s supposedly based ona story told by one of Jackson’s former employees about Jackson, Taylor and Brando renting a car in New York in an effort to make it back to California, but only making it as far as Ohio.

Whatever the plot is, why is a white guy playing Jackson? Why did Fiennes accept the role anyway? Many people on Twitter were asking the same questions.

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