Will Chris Rock Boycott The Academy Awards?


Actor and comedian Chris Rock has never hesitated to call Hollywood racist and once even went as far as to say that Los Angeles is a “slave state” and showbiz a “white industry.” Now, however, Rock finds himself in the center of one of the biggest controversies ever concerning the Oscars, as the Academy has been slammed by both news outlets and prominent black figures for their explicit lack of racial diversity in the nominations.

Some people are even calling Rock to join in on the boycott, something that can’t easily be done because he’s the one hosting the ceremony. According to Whoopi Goldberg, however, Rock boycotting the Oscars won’t change things. Instead, she called fans to boycott non-diverse movies, not the Academy Awards for choosing those movies.

Rock shared a promotional tweet for the awards show on January 15th, trying to put a comedic spin on the situation by calling it “the white BET awards.” We wonder if the joke will be all that appreciated given the circumstances?

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