Zac Efron Looks Dumb In Crop Top


We’re not usually the ones to judge too quickly and too easily, but sometimes you just have to say what’s on your mind and seeing the pics from the set of Zac Efron’s new movie, we got only one thing on ours.

And that is that Zac looks real dumb wearing that crop top. It’s fringed. I mean, come on.

The movie is Dirty Grandpa and it also stars Robert DeNiro, in what feels like one of his give-me-the-money-and-I-will-do-it roles that are unfortunately the only kind of roles he does these days.

Or maybe we’re wrong and it will be the best movie in 20 years.

In any case, the two guys were filming a scene from the movie and Zac wore a fringed crop top. We’re sure there are quite a few teenage girls out there that will lose their little minds over these pics, but we gotta be honest.

It just looks dumb.

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