Arnie Gets Photobombed By Sunny In Philadelphia Star


This Saturday was marked by the UFC 187 Event which boasted a number of amazing fights and its share of controversies. However, we are not concerned with any of that. What we are all about are the celebrities and at the event, we got one of the best celeb photobombs in recent history.

The person getting photobombed is Arnold Schwarzenegger and the person doing the photobombing is Rob McElhenney, a.k.a. Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

A Reddit member, frizzle_fraz noticed the photobomb and he captured it perfectly in a screenshot that has taken the Internet by a storm.

In the photo, Arnie gives us his trademark politico thumbs-up and smile, while Rob, true to his character, is being a complete and utter buffoon, knowing very well how great his photobomb is going to be.

Is it a true photobomb though, considering it was originally not a photo?


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