Pratt Doesn’t Want His Son Growing Up In Hollywood


It is safe to say that things have been going well for actor Chris Pratt, what with the unprecedented success of Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming Jurassic World movie (which we hope will be better than the trailer).

However, Chris is still very grounded and understands that Hollywood may not be the best place for his son Jack.  In an interview he gave to Entertainment Weekly, Pratt said:

“I don’t wanna raise Jack here, Anna and I are both from Washington State. We both had pretty simple lives and upbringings. I want Jack to just be able to be like, ‘See ya buddy. Go outside. Come back later.’ And also, I like the country and clean air and things just slowed down.”

Anna in question is, of course, his wife and mother of Jack, Anna Faris, a comic actress and a star in her own.

The actor also added:

“I’d like to give him some normalcy. It’s gonna be weird for him to have famous parents. It’s gonna be a burden for him sometimes, you know? But it’s all relative.”

Chris definitely seems like a normal, down-to-earth dude.

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