20 Stars Whose Children Died


12. Prince

This is a pretty bizarre case of a celebrity losing a child. Just like Xzibit, Prince lost a child that was just a baby when it died. However, he did not want anyone to know that he had lost the child. According to the examiner’s office in Minneapolis, the child died of natural causes.

However, Prince and the mother of the baby never said anything about the death. According to the death certificate, the infant died of a skeletal abnormality called Pfeiffer’s Syndrome. There were twin nannies at the time called Arlene and Erlene Mojica who claimed that they were looking after the infant and that they even helped to have the baby cremated.

The nannies also said that they were order to falsify records by Prince to cover up the death. The singer ended up suing them. However, the death of the baby is still a very big mystery and something that The Purple One still has not talked about publicly.

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