Adele Turned Down Beyonce Collab? What?


It’s probably a fact that 99 percent of musicians would jump at the opportunity if asked to make a record with Beyonce, right? Can you think of anyone that might turn her down? We can’t either. But apparently, someone did turn her down, and that someone is Adele.

Reports say that Beyonce was trying to get the British singing sensation on a track with her for over a year. She kept extending invitations to the studio, but Adele never accepted them. In the end, Beyonce decided to record the song on her own and it’s going to appear on her new album the way it is – Adele-less.

We get it, kind of. Adele is a huge star and she doesn’t need any help selling records. But it’s weird to turn down a collaboration with Beyonce, especially since Adele has gone on record to say that she really admires and respects Beyonce as an artist.

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