Amanda Bynes’ Former Lawyer Wants Thousands For Running Errands


Amanda Bynes’ former lawyer Artemio Santiago is asking for $16,000 from the actress for whom he provided more than just legal advice, or so he claims.

In case you forgot, Amanda had some problems in 2014, becoming a patient at a Pasadena mental health facility and refusing to take the medication that was supposed to help her get healthy again.

Artmeio was hired by Amanda at the time and he now claims that he not only provided her with legal advice but that he was something of her personal savior. For example, he claims it was him who persuaded her to start taking her meds again.

He also claims that he became her personal errand boy, bringing her DVDs, tights, books and ballet shoes when she wanted.

He is currently valuing his help at around $16,000 that he is demanding be paid to him. Amanda’s parents and her current legal representative have a very simple defense – they claim that Amanda was in no condition to even hire a lawyer at the time.

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