Diddy Wanted By Police For Punching A Fan


Famous rap star and entrepreneur Diddy is wanted by the Scottsdale Police Department, although it’s only for an informative talk. Namely, a fan of the rapper is claiming that Diddy punched him during a Super Bowl party last Saturday.

Steven Donaldson, the fan in question, was attending a nightclub party which Diddy was supposed to host. However, the rap mogul appeared only after 1 in the morning and went straight for the VIP section, barely popping his head out.

Donaldson, who paid $100 to attend the party decided to do something about this perceived injustice and he started berating and cussing at Diddy a few times. According to Mr. Donaldson, Diddy then punched him straight in the face.

Diddy’s security detail then tackled Donaldson and carried him out of the club and the party. When the police arrived, Diddy was already gone and epically intoxicated Mr. Donaldson filed a battery report.

Diddy has yet to comment.

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