Bruce Jenner Be Sexually On The Fence After Hormone Therapy

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The news of Bruce Jenner starting to undergo the process of changing gender is not that new, but we are constantly being treated to new details that make it all so much more interesting.

For instance, the latest news is that it is possible Bruce will experience a change in sexual preferences, from women to men.

The medical experts, as well as people from the transgender community say that Bruce is currently undergoing the cross-sex hormone therapy which can have an effect on his sexual preferences. This therapy involves introducing large amounts of estrogen in the system and one of the effects of this can be the switch from being attracted to women to being attracted to men.

The experts also say that in most individuals in which this happens, the attraction to the specific gender was present but most probably repressed. A leader from the transgender community said that one third of transsexuals retain their sexual preference, one third becomes bisexual and one third changes their sexual preference.

Only time will tell into which category Bruce Jenner will fall after the treatment. Not that it really matters.

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