Bette Midler Throws An Interesting Challenge In Kim Kardashian’s Way


The Twitter spat between reality queen Kim Kardashian and actress Bette Midler seems to be far from over. However, it’s not getting hostile. Instead, Midler is trying to take it in another direction.

Earlier this week, Midler mocked the reality television celebrity after she posted a naked selfie on her Twitter account, saying that the reality star would have to swallow a camera if she wanted to show the world parts of her body that everyone hasn’t seen yet.

Naturally, Kim fired back asking the middle-aged actress to send some nudes of her own. Now Midler is trying to get Kardashian to use the selfie for a good cause, not just for promoting herself and her figure. Midler tweeted at Kardashian, asking her to donate to Midler’s Stages for Success charity, which helps improve public school auditoriums.

Midler said that if Kardashian donates, she will match and double her donation. The ball is now in Kim’s court. Will she snipe back or donate?

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