Lindsay Lohan Gives Candid Interview In England


Lindsay Lohan is quite possibly our favorite “modern’ celebrity, mostly in that she has been a total mess and it is something of a centuries-long tradition, having young stars totally destroy their own lives with booze and drugs and then blame everyone else. And Li-Lo has been doing this like a boss for more than a decade now.

She is currently in London and yesterday she gave an interview to The Sun in which she talked about her new boyfriend, Egor Tarasov, a young Russian real estate dude who is, let’s be honest, mostly living off of his allowance (which only accidentally happens to be enough to take care of Lindsay too).

Lindsay has shared how she is all kidns of happy with Egor and how her new London way of life is doing great things for her health and her life. Among other things, she says how she is getting up at 9 a.m. these days, as if this was some sort of a revelation or something.

Whatever. We are happy for Lindsay and we are glad she is still not afraid to tell everyone to f*** off in an interview, like she has done this time too, answering the comments how all these men (including Egor) have “tamed” her over the years.

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