Lindsay Lohan Solves All Of Her Money Problems


Lindsay Lohan is a resourceful young woman and just when we were starting to get really, really worried about her, the issues she’s been having and especially her financial woes, one of the most controversial celebrities in the last 15 years pulled out a new move by getting together with a young man with a fat wallet.

The man in question is Egor Tarabasov, a 22-year old Russian dude whose dad is an oligarch, i.e. a controversial “businessman” who made gazillions of dollars by being in the right place at the right time when Soviet Union was going down the drain.

Like all oligarch children, Egor was also educated in England and he is currently involved in real estate. Lindsay’s parents have met the young man and they support the relationship. Apparently, Egor is a well-behaved young man and a good influence on Lindsay. Not to mention the fact that he is able to support Lindsay and her – probably quite exquisite – appetite.

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