Bieber Takes Pants Off On Live TV


If you know anything about pop idol Justin Bieber, then you know that it doesn’t take him long to take off his shirt. The young pop icon loves hitting the stage bare-chested and showing off his tattoos. But he surprised everyone at the Fashion Rocks show by taking not only his shirt off, but his pants as well.

It seems to have been a bit of an improvisation on his part. Namely, he came out to introduce Rita Ora and the crowd wasn’t really into it. They started booing him as he came out. So, reacting on his toes, Bieber started taking his clothes off, an action that was greeted with cheers. He didn’t stop until he was wearing nothing but his underwear.

Of course, since it was a fashion show, Bieber made sure to make note of the fact on Twitter that he was wearing Calvin Klein underwear that day.

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