Taylor Swift Was In Near-Death Snowmobile Accident


Country star Taylor Swift revealed that she was in a bad snowmobiling accident and that it was something that the media thankfully never found out about. According to the singer, she talks about the accident in a song that can be found on her new album “1989.” The song is called “Out of the Woods’’.

She said that she was riding around on a snowmobile with an ex-boyfriend when the accident happened. Swift said that while she was hurt in the accident, her then boyfriend was injured much worse. He had to get 20 stitches after the crash, Swift explained.

She told Rolling Stone magazine that her life flashed before her eyes as she recalled her brush with death.

The strange thing is that no news of the accident was ever leaked, which is odd in today’s world in which we know about everything that happens to celebrities. Swift said that sometimes the best way to keep a secret is to look people in the eyes and sincerely ask them to keep the secret, instead of threatening them or getting lawyers involved.

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